What is ReplayLocker?

The sensational new video coaching tool that provides new insight into the game within seconds of each play.

Viewing the instant replay from the best camera positions enables the coach to make corrections in real-time. Walk the wireless cameras up and down the field without worrying about tripping over cables, or place them on tripods in strategic positions.

Video is available for viewing on Apple devices a few seconds after it’s filmed. Check out the time synchronized video from multiple angles on the sideline, in the crow’s nest, or virtually anywhere at the stadium.

Have your offensive coordinator study the video in the crow’s nest and communicate instructions to the coaches on the field via his headset.

Have your offensive coach show his offensive line the relevant plays right there on the sideline while the defensive line is on the field.

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What does it look like?

Our state of the art controls let you scrub smoothly through the time synced footage from up to two action camera angles and one scoreboard camera
. Time is of essence during the game. The scoreboard camera helps you find the relevant plays quickly. Simply scroll through to the score or time that you are looking for.

The video playback on the mobile device is exceptionally easy while allowing great control for forward, backward, slow motion and more.

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