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The Team Behind ReplayLocker

ReplayLocker was originally designed to bring Instant Replay to the fans in the stands at high school football games. Giving fans and families the chance to instantly re-watch incredible touchdowns, passes, and tackles kept everyone cheering for days with saved highlights and the ability to freeze frame or slow down that perfect play. 

ReplayLocker’s dedicated team of innovators,  programmers, engineers, and winning coaches, started their instant replay endeavors in sunny San Diego, California.  ReplayLocker’s potential to revolutionize the coaching profession and optimize both practices and in-game, real-time strategy didn’t break through until the change of NFHS Rule  This rule change finally permitted coaching staffs and players to watch video of the current game during the game, and ReplayLocker was ready with the only system capable of bringing instant replay to the sidelines seconds after every play.  Now in high schools across the United States and Canada. 

Looking for the best in Sideline Replay to give your team the edge?  ReplayLocker is your answer!