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Yes, 5 “Secrets” to Winning more Football Games!

Luis Marquez

1) Know thy self

Every coach knows you and the players must be aware of your strengths and weaknesses. But not every coach knows that there are tricks towards having a fantastic understanding of this concept. For example, you might know the abilities of your quarterback well... but do you know them mid-game, as they fluctuate?  Are you looking at his last play instantly from 2 angles... and perhaps discovering that he’s missing a read? This is actually way easier than you might think.

Even the coaches don’t know everything that happened on the last play. Instant replay technology allows you to review the truth, from just seconds ago. No wondering or asking. The plain, unfiltered, truth is in the palm of your hand. “Hindsight is 20/20!” Now turn hindsight into insight when you have instant replay technology.

ReplayLocker allows you to get up to four views from four different angles on the field. You now know what your (and opposing) team is doing.

2) Know thy competition

Again, you’ve seen films of your competition from a week or month ago. But have you seen the brand new play they just ran against you? Have you seen the new players? How “on” the running back is, and how your defense keeps missing his one play? These are easy things to correct, if you have instant information. You can easily watch the last play from the sidelines and adjust... if you just have the right affordable, easy-to-use equipment.

Your running back takes it up the middle, but only for a short gain. With ReplayLocker you can take a second look at this before the next play begins.  From the end zone view you can see that the right guard is beaten by a swim technique on this play. Now you can show the player what happened and he can make an impact on the next play.

3) Perfect practice makes perfect

If your player practices the wrong move, over and over again, it’s definitely going to be wrong in the game. But what if you watched every play during practice, and showed the players what was happening from several different angles? They would understand what they were doing, and be able to perfect their plays during practice like never before. How?

Coach Jay Durant, Defensive Coordinator for Bakersfield High School uses ReplayLocker for more effective practices. “I have pretty much doubled the amount of run time I can get during a single practice. It used to be that we set up the line and I’d run a play. Then we’d stop. I’d make corrections and the line would run the play again…repeat. After I set up ReplayLocker I quickly changed the way we practice. The line never stops now! We run the play, and I will sub a player in for the one I need to make corrections with. The plays don’t stop running.”

Not only did coach Durant double the amount of practice he gets, he is now utilizing more players, and the line has developed a higher level of stamina.

4) Update your coaching methods to keep in time with the student generations.

Today’s modern athlete is born, raised, and lives with technology as a primary language.

Today’s players are visual learners. 

"You can ask a kid what happened on the field--he may think he knows exactly what happened. He will even tell you 'til he’s blue in the face that he did exactly what you told him to execute…until you show him what he actually did.”

                                    -Bruce Rollinson, Head Coach Mater Dei High School 28yrs

"With instant replay made legal, obviously I’m gonna jump on that because replay technology gives us the opportunity to put the kids in a position to win."

                                    -Bruce Rollinson, Head Coach Mater Dei High School 28yrs

Student athletes have evolved into visual learners. Kids retain more from watching.  When you are able to show what happened vs. tell what happened, communication skyrockets!

For ages on the field, telling and yelling has been the norm to get through kids’ heads. To get them to pay attention and focus. Obviously this method still works to a degree.  However if you want to increase your percentage of successfully getting through, you need to adapt. That means communicating in a better received, common language. What's more effective? 1) Bringing a kid off the field, asking him what happened, telling him what you saw (even coaches can’t see everything that happens on the field), telling him what to do next. Sending him back out on the next series, hoping something different happens…repeat.  OR, 2) Bringing a kid off the field, showing him that he stepped with his left not his right?  When you can show a player undeniably what he did,  you give him the ability to have that cognitive shift that allows him to make a change on the next play.

Coaching techniques have evolved through the years. Video has always been a part of football culture.  From the early days of 16mm, where the term “cut-ups” really came from the actual cutting and splicing of pieces of film – reviewing the game took weeks. With the rise of VHS (and Beta if you remember) now copies could easily be made and shared – time to review the game dropped to days. Finally with the digital age, gone are the late night “sketchy” gas station video swaps replaced by cloud drives – time to review drops to hours. Now with instant replay technology – game review drops to seconds! “What just happened?! me!” is now a common blurt from coaches on the field.

5) Keep It Simple, Stupid (KISS)

Keeping things simple may sound…well simple. Yet just as common sense isn’t so common, things usually tend to get more complicated before they get simpler.

This is exactly why we built ReplayLocker: to be simple. There are no computers to hook up or turn on.  No Internet to access. No bunch of cables to connect.  ReplayLocker gets pulled out of the case and plugged in to power… That’s it!

You will never need to hunt down the most technical minded coach for the job of running a computer, or wiring up a system.

It only takes a short set of instructions to learn ReplayLocker.  Focus on the game, not the equipment.