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NFHS rule opens the field for instant replay during high school sports games

Before the NFHS rule changed last year, coaching during a high school football game was limited to shouting and frantically gesturing play calls to the players on the field. Now, with last year’s change of NFHS rule, coaches can use tablet based play books and instant replay videos during games and practices to coach better, train harder, and win more games! 

The rule’s change allowing coaches, players, and authorized non-players to use mobile communication devices during conferences outside the 9-yard mark, inside the 9-yard mark (conference based), on the sideline, and during half-time. So what does this mean for the traditional coaching method of high school football? 

It means that ReplayLocker’s Instant Replay Coaching Tool is your key to making the biggest wins this football season! 

  • With highlights arriving on your ReplayLocker iPad within seconds, you and your coaching staff can review plays in an instant to adjust your in-game strategy for bigger plays and more points. 
  • Have the next play ready based on the instant replay of the previous play from two action cameras and a scoreboard camera angle in seconds.
  • Replay your opponent’s strategy of a previous quarter, sending your offense, defense, and special teams out onto the field armed with the best plays. 

When Can ReplayLocker Be Used During A High School Football Game?

  • By a coach and players on the sideline
  • By a coach on the sideline while the players are outside the 9-yard mark
  • By a coach in a conference with players inside the 9-yard mark (authorized for coaches’ use only)

When Can’t ReplayLocker Be Used During A High School Football Game? 

  • Check your NFHS Rulebook for additional exceptions and restrictions to Rule