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The Difference

What sets ReplayLocker apart?

The ReplayLocker Difference


No wired cameras, no-hassle setup and use, and multiple cameras put ReplayLocker at the top of its class in High School Instant Replay solutions


Simplicity on the field

wireless instant replay is easy with ReplayLocker!

  • Plug & Play: Setting up your ReplayLocker Server before a high school football game is as easy as plugging in the power cord--your only cord!--and getting back to football.
  • Wireless Cameras: Whether stationary, aimed at the scoreboard, or roaming the sidelines with every power-packed play, film wirelessly with confidence and ease from anywhere permitted in the stadium.
  • Wi-Fi to Viewers: The ReplayLocker Server transmits from both wireless cameras and the scoreboard camera, broadcasting to connected mobile Apple devices at the same time.



  • Single Camera: Filming with just one camera during games only gives you one vantage point.
  • Multi-Camera: ReplayLocker’s multi-camera system is designed for up to two portable cameras and a stationary scoreboard camera so your coaching staff and players can see the game from all the best angles.
  • Instant Replay: Video form Camera 1 is available in just seconds, with video from Camera 2 and the scoreboard camera arriving right after.
  • Time-Sync: Footage from two portable cameras and a scoreboard camera is wirelessly broadcast to your viewing iPad perfectly time-synced.
  • 2-Second Buffer: Don’t worry about missing any part of a play. ReplayLocker invented a 2-second buffer that continuously streams in the background, starting to record up to two seconds before the camera operator pushes record. Don’t miss an instant of play!
  • Intuitive Control: Coaches can have intuitive playback control in the palm of their hands.
    • See all camera angles on viewing iPads simultaneously, or touch one view for a single full screen.
    • Freeze-frame, slow-motion, forward and backward scanning, and scrubbing capabilities.



  • Connect: ReplayLocker’s system allows as many mobile devices as you permit to connect to the ReplayLocker Server. Coaches and fans receive video just seconds after each play regardless of the number of devices connected.
  • Reliability: The ReplayLocker system is built and tested to work all the time, every time, come rain or shine.
  • Support: The simplicity, versatility and reliability of ReplayLocker means you likely won’t need any assistance, but in case you do, we’re just a phone call away!
  • Winning Coaches: Winning coaches and high school football teams love the ReplayLocker Instant Replay Coaching Tool for so many reasons! Let them speak for themselves here!