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The Technology

The Technology
Behind ReplayLocker

The Technology Behind
ReplayLocker’s Success


The technology behind ReplayLocker provides high school athletic coaches to plug (only one power cord) and play at any game, practice, and sporting EVENT, come rain or shine. 


Its easy to use equipment and connectivity provides an amazing experience with little effort, letting your coaching staff and players focus on what’s most important: winning!

The Simple Version


Use iPads to film high quality video wirelessly, from anywhere in the stadium. ReplayLocker supports up to two action cameras and a scoreboard camera.  And when the Camera #1 operator presses record, all three cameras automatically start recording.  Unlike other systems, no computers need to be operated.


One of your staff members marks the start and end of each play as offense, defense or special teams. When the play is done, the ReplayLocker Server instantly takes the recording and transmits it to any connected device. No internet connection required!


During the play the video from each camera is wirelessly transmitted into the Replay Server and back out to your entire coaching staff.  As soon as the play ends every coach can immediately start watching the replay, in plenty of time to see it all before the next play starts.  And the video from all the cameras is available on every iPad.  Your coaches do NOT need a separate iPad for each camera angle.




A weatherproof box on a tripod.  Plug the power cable into a standard A/C outlet and, whether at home or on the road, you are ready to go.

Video Replay 

Hit play, freeze or scrub back and forth with one finger.  No PHD needed.


THE detailed VERSION


ReplayLocker works like a closed circuit TV station – with wireless cameras filming and iPads acting as the receiving TVs.  Secure Wi-Fi generated from the portable Replay Server is accessible to thousands of iPads, as long you give them permission to connect.  And no internet access is required.


1) ReplayLocker Server: This small, secure, portable, and weatherproof box mounts on a tripod and plugs into any 110V A/C outlet. It contains its own self-contained Wi-Fi radio and on-board computer. 

  • Up to three wireless cameras connect to the ReplayLocker Server. Video is sent over 5.8Ghz Wi-Fi from the cameras into the server, which is then sent securely to coaches iPads over the same 5.8 Ghz Wi-Fi.  A virtually unlimited number of iPads can watch the show and everyone gets the video almost instantly.
  • Cameras record video of the action simultaneously from different points and the videos are synchronized.

2) Instant Replay:

  • Camera angles can be played back together or one at a time.  
  • A powerful video scrubbing tool allows precise playback. 
  • The telestration tool lets you draw on the screen to convey your message quickly and accurately.
  • The plays are tagged and can be sorted by Offense, Defense, and Special Teams (ODK).