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What Is It?

What is ReplayLocker?


The ReplayLocker system of wireless video broadcasting is revolutionizing the way high school football teams are coached, practice, and win more games.


From the ReplayLocker Server, video from two action cameras around the field and a scoreboard camera wirelessly transmit directly onto your coach’s iPads within seconds of the play. With the NFHS Football Rule permitting live video replay during games, ReplayLocker’s instant replay is transforming the traditional high school football coaching profession and strategy. Coaches can coach better, players see proven results on the field, and better plays translate into bigger wins! 

View instant replays in seconds during games and practices from two wireless camera angles and a scoreboard camera.


Enable your coaching staff to make corrections and change strategy in real-time

Follow the game anywhere on the sidelines or stadium without worry of tripping over cables or restricted views, or place them on tripods anywhere cameras are allowed 

iphones and ipads SECONDS AFTER THEY’RE FILMED. 

  • View perfectly time-synchronized plays on your iPad from the sideline, the press box, or virtually anywhere in the stadium 
  • State-of-the-art controls let the camera operator scrub smoothly through footage from two wireless camera angles and a scoreboard camera angle
  • A scoreboard camera angle helps coaches find relevant plays quickly based on score or time. Simply scroll through to find the score or time you are looking for. 

Instant video playback on your iPad and iPhone devices is exceptionally easy, and allows great control for highlighting plays in slow motion, freeze frame, forward/backward slow-mo and more. Coach better, train better, and win more football games with ReplayLocker’s wireless instant replay!