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Why ReplayLocker

Why ReplayLocker?

near instant replay

The video from one camera is typically available for viewing on all devices within 2 seconds. The video from the second camera arrives 2 to 3 seconds later.


There are a grand total of zero wires needed for hookup. Plug in the power cable and you are good to go.

Camera angles

ReplayLocker gives you game insight through the best camera angles. Whether stationary or roaming, the camera can film virtually anywhere in the stadium. Film up and down the sideline while following the game. No cables to worry about.


A single camera may not always capture the essential action. ReplayLocker is designed for use with up to two cameras. The two videos are perfectly time synced and displayed on a single screen for better game insight.


Intuitive playback control for: Forward/Backward, Slow Motion, Freeze and Scrubbing. See both camera videos simultaneously or click one for single viewing.


Connect as many viewing iPads as you will want. The system is built and tested to work all the time, every time—come rain or shine.