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Win Games

An entirely new way
to win games



You practice all week against the style of play you expect to meet on Friday. The opponents do the same, and they know that you know how they tend to play. You lose unexpectedly on Friday. During next day’s video review you finally get the insight that both you and your 6 assistant coaches missed during the game. Wouldn’t it be nice to get such insight during the game so you can instantly change your formation, your selection of plays etc.? Now you can! It’s called ReplayLocker.

The ReplayLocker App gives your entire football coaching staff access to multiple angle video of every play during the game. Within five seconds from the end of the play, the footage will be automatically broadcast to the hands of every coach. ReplayLocker will not only integrate film study into your practices and games, but will do so without disrupting the rhythm.

Study the plays right there on the sideline and in the crow’s nest. Use slow motion, backwards, forward, change camera angle to gain improved insight. Show your relevant players what’s going on.

Change your strategy based on this new information to win this game. And the next one.



Luke Jones is a great running back, but he can’t pass protect. After three straight sacks against an extra rusher in practice, you pull Luke aside. By the time he reaches you, your iPad has video of all three sacks.

You show the footage to Luke, pointing out how he takes poor angles, giving the linebacker a straight shot at the quarterback.

Luke’s eyes light up and he sprints back to the huddle. Ten seconds later, he pancakes the linebacker, giving his quarterback time to throw a strike to the endzone.

Correct technique in seconds within the flow of practice.



After two sacks and an incompletion, your quarterback completes a three and out. As the offense hustles off the field, all the position coaches pull out iPads.

By the time the players reach the sideline, every play of the series is available on the iPads from two synchronized camera angles. The o-line coach goes over blocking schemes. The receivers coach shows his players how to create separation in man coverage. The quarterback coach shows his field general when to step up into the pocket to create more time. The offensive coordinator devises a stop and go route to open up a big play.

The offense nods to their coaches and step back on the field after a defensive stop. The offensive line picks up the blitz, the wideout shakes his man, and the quarterback steps up in the pocket, delivering a frozen rope down the field for a 65 yard touchdown.

Make instant game adjustments with instant video access.