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Now you can win more football games using ReplayLocker’s instant replay system! This turnkey system includes a simple & portable solution for filming, viewing, and wireless broadcasting -- even if you don’t have internet access at the time! Video coaching used to mean watching films after the game. Video coaching with ReplayLocker now means instant replay from multiple camera angles during the game, all in the palm of your hand, all entirely in your control. Yes, this winning advantage sounds unfair, but it’s now legal due to NFHS Football Rule Designed specifically for high school football coaches, but perfect for a wide range of sports, coaches can now make game adjustments in real-time, not just after the game. Get ReplayLocker, and get an instant advantage.

Why ReplayLocker instant replay?


instant replay

Video from Camera One is typically available to watch on all connected devices within a couple of seconds of the end of the play! The video from Camera Two and the scoreboard cam starts arriving just seconds later. It’s incredibly fast.


ReplayLocker was designed to be simple to use and simple to setup. It’s so simple that you are just one cord away from wireless replay – the power cord. This portable solution offers easy Away Game replays, fewer headaches for the Coach, and, simply put, reliable replay coaching anywhere.

multiple angles

Can you imagine watching that last tricky play just seconds later, in slow-mo and reverse... and from two camera angles and a scoreboard view, all perfectly in sync and on one screen? It’s revolutionary. Watch both angles at once, or one at a time, and prepare to see high school football in an entirely new way.

cameras everywhere

One camera up high to capture the formations. One taking closeups. One on the scoreboard. With this powerful wireless solution, whether roaming the sidelines or stationary, your camera teams can film from virtually anywhere.
Up to three cameras, with zero cables, and zero worries.


Instant video replay means forward playback, reverse playback, slow-motion, scrubbing, freezing, and the ability to jump between a one camera closeup, or three camera views playing in perfect sync. ReplayLocker’s intuitive controls put the power in your hands to see the play exactly the way you want to see it.

rock solid

Our instant replay solution allows you to connect as many viewing devices as you want for offense, defense, and special teams. And ReplayLocker’s instant replay solution is built and tested to support football coaching with rock solid hardware and software. Come rain or shine, you’ve got the instant replay advantage.

see how easy instant replay can be!


Coaches are using ReplayLocker to change the way they interact with players, practice and ultimately win games.

ABC News reports on Replay Locker used by California State Football Champion!


How ReplayLocker helps high school football coaches win more games

Your QB just got sacked... again. Although you’ve studied the rival football team, you’re still losing. But you have a trick up your sleeve.

From the sidelines, you reach for your ReplayLocker iPad and scrub forward and backward through the last play, which was just seconds ago. You are looking at three different angles, and notice a hole in your offensive line from above. You double-click on the side-camera, and see that your center keeps defending too far to the left, and your line doesn’t shift to cover. You grab the line, show them the play from two different angles, and they get it, instantly. Your offensive line adjusts on the spot, and the sacks stop! In the following plays, you use ReplayLocker to outsmart their defense, and you’re on your way to an entirely fair advantage over your rivals. (Remember, NFHS Rule says this instant replay advantage is legal!) High school football coaching has never been so fun!

But wait... you don’t have ReplayLocker yet. Yes, you still discover the problem with your defensive line. Only, you’ll discover it tomorrow while watching the films, after you have already lost the game.

Here’s how it works, in 3 simple steps:

  1. Filming: Two of your crew uses wireless video cameras to film from wherever they are permitted to film the high school football (or other sport) game and another iPad films the scoreboard.
  2. Transmitting: One of your crew marks the start and end of a play, and can mark it as offense, defense, or special teams. When the play is over, the ReplayLocker Server automatically distributes the output from each camera to as many viewing devices as you allow. And you don’t even need an internet connection.
  3. Instant Replay: In as little as 2 seconds after the play, your replays pop up on your viewing iPad or iPhone. Your entire coaching staff can immediately study the play from multiple angles.

See the difference in your coaching using instant replay to win this game — and the next.

Better insight, training and high school coaching

Once a play is captured, you can watch all three cameras at once, almost magically in sync. You can zoom in to see just one camera. You can scrub back & forth to see that tackle as many times as you want. ReplayLocker integrates film study into your practices and games without disrupting the high energy rhythm of game time.

With high school football instant replay, you can make on-field decisions that will not only make you a better coach, but will make coaching more fun.

ReplayLocker Changes
the Way You Practice

Luke Jones is a great running back, but he can’t pass protect. After three straight sacks against a rusher in practice, you pull Luke aside. By the time he reaches you, your ReplayLocker iPad has video of all three sacks from two different field views. 

You show him the footage, pointing out how he takes poor angles allowing the linebacker a straight shot at the quarterback. Luke’s eyes light up and on the next play he pancakes the linebacker, giving the quarterback time to throw a perfect touchdown pass. 

Immediately show your football players footage during practice to correct technique within seconds, anywhere on the field, anytime.  

ReplayLocker’s Instant Replay
Changes the Way You Win


After two sacks and an incomplete pass, your offense hustles off the field for a timeout on fourth down. All the position coaches pull out their ReplayLocker iPads. Before the players reach the sideline each play of the series is available from two perfectly time-synchronized camera angles across the field. 

The O-line coach reviews the next blocking scheme. The receivers coach shows the best approach to create separation in man coverage. The quarterback is shown when to step up into the pocket to create more time, and the offensive coordinator devises a stop-and-go route to open up the play. 

Outsmart your opponents with your ReplayLocker system by making mid-game strategy adjustments with instant video replay.